The club is now using an award scheme produced by the company 'NatGap'.  So that you can have a better understanding of what your child has achieved, please see the slideshows below which shows you each of the activities needed for passing each level!  These awards go from early years (3 years upwards) and continues for as long as the children are involved with the club!  They start at a very basic beginner level and keep progressing until the skills being performed are extremely demanding and high level stuff - plenty to keep the gymnasts motivated and moving forwards!  

We have also developed our own Progress Reporting System to enable every child the opportunity to track their progress and set goals for what they want to learn.  Any parent/guardian is welcome to come in to the gym at any time to have a look at how their child is coming along and to get advice from coaches about the areas that need the most work, although this system is now used less frequently due to the diverse nature of the award schemes shown below.




level 1
level 2
level 4
level 3
level 5
Level 6
level 7
level 8


emerald Vault
Emerald P-Bars
emerald Mix apparatus
emerald floor shapes
emerald floor acro
emerald body prep
emerald Bar
emerald - upper body and gym
saphire vault
saphire P-Bars
saphire Mixed apparatus
saphire floor shapes
saphire floor acro
saphire body prep
saphire bar
saphire upper body and gym
ruby vault
ruby P-Bars
ruby mixed apparatus
ruby floor shapes
ruby floor acro
ruby body prep
ruby bar
ruby upper body and gym
diamond vault
diamond P-Bars
diamond mixed apparatus
diamond floor shapes
diamond floor acro
diamond body prep
diamond bar
diamond upper body and gym


emerald, vault
emerald, floor shapes
emerald, floor gym
emerald, floor acro
emerald, beam acro
emerald, body prep
emerald, beam gym
emerald, bars
saphire, vault
saphire, floor shapes
saphire, floor gym
saphire, floor acro
saphire, beam acro
saphire, body prep
saphire, beam gym
saphire, bars
ruby, vault
ruby, floor shapes
ruby, floor gym
ruby, floor acro
ruby, beam acro
ruby, body prep
ruby, beam gym
ruby, bars
diamond, vault
diamond, floor shapes
diamond, floor gym
diamond, floor acro
diamond, beam acro
diamond, body prep
diamond, beam gym
diamond, bars


blue diamond, vault
blue diamond, floor shapes
blue diamond, floor gym
blue diamond, floor acro
blue diamond, body prep
blue diamond, beam acro
blue diamond, beam gym
blue diamond, bars
pink diamond, vault
pink diamond, floor shapes
pink diamond, floor gym
pink diamond, floor acro
pink diamond, body prep
pink diamond, beam acro
pink diamond, beam gym
pink diamond, bars